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Blockchain for Education

After the end of the MOOC boom, I have respected as to what would happen the next fad in the education field. Recently, I am realizing that the next boom is a blockchain (known for underpinning Bitcoin) for education.

Since autumn 2015, MIT Media Labo has started to Digital Certificates Project using blockchain. Holberton School of software engineering in San Francisco announced that begins tracking student academic credentials in the blockchain. Mozilla Open Badge project also began to develop a new product using blockchain called BadgeChain. Sony Global Education says it develops technology using blockchain for open sharing of academic proficiency and progress records.

Above all, the memorable keynote speech of Jane McGonigal's "Learning is Earning 2026" in SXSWedu 2016 made a strong impression on the people who share the interest of the new trend of education.


Jane McGonigal says that Edublock based on blockchain has been completed ten years later, and the university will be replaced by the Edublok, this reminds me of Sebastian Thrun's words, "A future with only 10 universities" that sparked the MOOC boom in 2013.

Contrary to his expectations, the MOOC's boom is gone. Has Jane 's Edublock come?

Jane McGonigal says it will be ten years later, but I think that the age of blockchain for education may come sooner.